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Are you new here?  Welcome! My name is Asha and I love talking…well kind of… you see, I’m actually a big introvert and yet I have no issues sitting in front of a camera and talking about all challenges faced by people like you who are taking the road less traveled 🎤 and pursuing your dreams.

Small talk? 

Forget about it, I refuse to talk about small things like my OOTD or what toothbrush I use. So I guess you could say I like “meaningful” conversations.  I like to talk about things that others might avoid like self-esteem struggles, how it’s possible to build your creativity into a business that GIVES you life, and how to embrace your relationship with yourself.

You want know what really lights me up?

Making people feel, own, and celebrate their enough-ness and feel less alone…

I’m happiest when swimming in Hawaii or dancing to 80s jams, I’m obsessed with all red meat from filet mignon to juicy burgers, I live in vibrant pink and yellow clothes, and the name @mscoffeeandcream is a reference to my mixed race Indian and Caucasian heritage.  Art and fashion helped me so much in exploring my identity and expressing different sides of myself, and truly is kind of fun therapy for me.

I love walking over driving, I adore my small boobs and hate wearing bras, I’m really into sci-fi shows and movies (my first crush was on Captain Packard),  and my not so guilty pleasure is the Flying Dutchman on In and Out’s secret menu.  

I’m the weirdo who has to make friends with every cat I see and ask every new person I meet just way too many personal questions. I am a self-taught photographer who only uses her iphone to take the photos and videos you see here on Ms Coffee and Cream , but whose true passion lies in uplifting all the other creatives with big dreams! 

I am so thankful to be able to have a tiny chance to pour into your life with self love truths, relationship musings, self-confidence talk, and creative education.

Live your best life, Asha Raval, Ms Coffee and Cream

And I serve it up with oodles of dancing, singing, creativity and fun!

I’d love to meet you!

One of my favorite things about what I do is getting to know my community. Come find me on Facebook and Instagram, where I hang out often. I’d love for you to say hello and introduce yourself!

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I am here to inspire YOU to feel confident in taking a risk and going after YOUR VISION!  I want you to make WORK THAT MATTERS!

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