Hi!  My name is Asha and today I’m heading off to San Francisco to start my first day of an intense, (possibly career and life changing) User Experience Design course.

And of course I am afraid!

For the last two weeks my inner dialogue has been going crazy.

What’s going to happen? What if I’m wrong? What if I lose… something?”

In my 23 & Me test I have a gene called the “worrier” gene, which means I excessively tend to overthink and worry about situations.  Now this can be great when facing true physical danger, but not great when my imagination runs wild with scenarios of me failing at everything. For the last two weeks I have been confronted with very natural jitters, and I admit feelings of fear and intimidation.  Will I be able to learn all the new complex design programs as well as the other students?  Will I be able to come up with good enough solutions to user problems?  Will I be the only person who has never worked in tech before?

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Just like the challenges of teaching myself photography, the intimidation that came with buying a house and the fear I had when I quit my 9 to 5, I know that this new challenge will come with imperfections and learning pains.  But it is this space of imperfection, of failure and iteration, of conquering true challenges where you find your greatest growth. This is the space where you develop self-confidence.

The act of leaping into the unknown gives you the the life experience to prove to yourself who you really are.  You learn to trust yourself and build that true inner self confidence.  Confidence comes from within, from developing a trust in yourself through the unknown.  People gain authentic confidence from developing their skills, healing past wounds, and building self-trust… And let me tell you, its an ever evolving process for me!

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So from my heart to yours, this is a Monday morning reminder that you can handle absolutely anything this week will throw at you!

You are resilient, adaptable and driven.

You can tackle big, hard things, and you can embrace challenging moments with ease.  You can confidently walk into this week knowing your are equipped, worthy, and able to absolutely crush it!!!

I want to hear from you – what challenges are you currently tackling, and how are you handling these experiences?

And if you made it this far and want to follow my daily journey, head to my IG stories where I will be posting more tips and tricks on building your inner strength to face anything!  



  1. Be brave, you just need to move forward and walk into the woods, what you find is sometimes better than anticipated.


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