Let’s talk about truly nurturing your inner self!

Asha Raval, How To Ground Yourself, Self Growth, Fashion Editorial Blog

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and out of control?  As if all the people, ideas, social media are all crowding your mental and physical space?


This year I had to admit to myself that I honestly felt this sense of dread and overwhelm constantly!  As a creative whirlwind (and GEMINI! … and highly sensitive person … and INFP!), I am always on the move, getting overly excited about too many ideas, staying up too late working on a million things, and then getting totally depleted and drained (you feel me right?).  I used to always roll my eyes at wellness articles that popped up everyday, assuming these tips and tricks were for hippy dippy GOOP readers and most definitely not for me.  But after a lot of big changes and stressful life events, I made daily habits to ground myself and although I am not perfect at them yet, I feel so much relief in my heart!

Asha Raval, How To Ground Yourself, Self Growth, Fashion Editorial Blog, The Outnet, Las Vegas Venetian, Fashion Blog Las Vegas

So, what does being grounded really mean?

Being grounded means you feel at home with yourself. You are present and at peace in your own skin.  When you are grounded, you feel calm and alive.  Being able to keep your awareness on the here-and-now is a powerful mental health skill. Being grounded is the basis of self-control, self-expression, and feeling alive.

Asha Raval, How To Ground Yourself, Self Growth, Fashion Editorial Blog, The Outnet, Las Vegas Venetian, Fashion Blog Las Vegas

Signs You Are Not Grounded

  1. You struggle to make decisions
  2. You seek numbing activities (Online Shopping is my favorite…terrible for my budget and that dopamine rush only lasts about an hour)
  3. Your mind is racing, you lose focus, you’re spaced out
  4. People describe you as “highly sensitive” (I get this one a lot – more to come on being sensitive…I do feel there are so many benefits to being a sensitive and empathetic person, but sensitivity can go to far and be debilitating)

SO – are you ready to clear your mind, recharge your energy, strengthen your instincts and calm your emotions???

Asha Raval, How To Ground Yourself, Self Growth, Fashion Editorial Blog, The Outnet, Las Vegas Venetian, Fashion Blog Las Vegas, Fashion Photography, Best Instagram Fashion Blogger, Empowerment Art Blog, How to manage your emotions


  1. NATURE WALKS! Emerging science shows that contact with the Earth—whether being outside barefoot or indoors connected to grounded conductive systems—may be a simple, natural, and yet profoundly effective environmental strategy against chronic stress.  If you follow my IG stories you will see that I often choose to walk a couple of miles to get groceries or to a meeting instead of driving.  This gives me so much inspiration and happiness – and I don’t have the stress of finding parking and dealing with traffic!  
  2. HUGS!  I really believe that daily hugs and physical touch and ground us so much in love and in our physical bodies.  I always force Jay to start the day by giving me a BIG cuddle in bed before he runs off to make coffee and go to work.  We practice daily LONG hugs in the morning, when we greet each other after work, and when we go to sleep.  If you are single you could hug yourself for a good full minute every morning, or hug your pets, or hug your kids.  Just being close to the people you love and honoring them through physical touch will make you feel so safe and comforted.  It is creating a literal “safe space” that you can come back to morning and night. Asha Raval, How To Ground Yourself, Self Growth, Fashion Editorial Blog, The Outnet, Las Vegas Venetian, Fashion Blog Las Vegas, How to Manage Anxiety, Self Development, How to Ground Yourself
  3. FACE THE SUNSHINE AND THE STARS !  I love taking my morning cup of coffee outdoors and sitting in the sunshine while I slowly sip my warm cup of joe.  Having that five minutes in the fresh air and sunshine is so rejuvenating.  I can take that moment of sunshine with me throughout the rest of the day, and when I am faced with anxiety or stress, I can easily visualize the sun, the birds chirping and lift my emotions above the momentary stress to a place of calm.  Sometimes I even like to lie down on my patio deck with my eyes closed for a couple of minutes in the morning.  I really feel how I am a part of the whole cosmic energy and part of the earth while doing this, and it helps me to focus on the big picture rather than get bogged down in small annoyances.  This can be so magical at night when all the stars are shining down on you as well!Processed With Darkroom

I also love adding things to me day like running, hiking, and five minute meditations…but sometimes I find myself trying to schedule these things in too much and creating more stress.

I wish I could say that I have it all figured out, but these daily practices are nurturing a more centered and satisfied feeling within me and I really hope they help you too!

Do you all have any of your own grounding practices you follow that have really made an improvement in your life? I’d love to hear them!

If you want to know how I stay grounded in my relationship, head on over to this Love Bomb post!

Drop a comment down below and have a great week!



  1. I have learned how metabolize the stress of modern life with an ancient tool. Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) is a self-help tool you can teach yourself from a book, smartphone app, or a Provider (I am one) but most of us can just learn on our own. It’s part of everyone’s autonomic nervous system. Everyone should learn to do it (again). We all know how to do it, but we suppress it, because we like to think we’re clever.. Walks in nature are my next favorite. Cheers


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