Did you know there are some powerful women with millions of Instagram followers, front row seats at fashion week and campaigns with Balmain and Prada… but WAIT…they aren’t real women or even close to being human at all.

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Are CGI influencers about to flood our Instagram feeds?? Are they the new normal?  And WTF are we human creatives supposed to do about it??

As a creator, I thought I would be the last type of job to be replaced by robots.  The popularity of ‘musician’ @lilmiquela and ‘model’ @shudu.gram have me thinking – what can human creatives do to compete with someone who never ages, has perfect facial symmetry, never needs to sleep, and never gets hungry?

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Human influencers (myself included) perform curated parts of our lives and use tools and filters to enhance our reality.

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The concept of beauty and the beauty ‘ideal’ is really being changed dramatically by the use of technology and how widely available it is to everyone.  Humans are naturally very social creatures and we are always comparing ourselves to others.  Forty years ago we used to have much more privacy – we could go out of the house freely with friends and no one would be documenting every moment on their phones.  We were more free of comparison and were not bombarded with constant visuals of what we don’t have.
With the advent of social media and camera phones, youth and perfect skin are even more of a trend today because women are getting their photos taken and posted all the time and can compare themselves to other women on a much greater scale than ever before in human history.  From Korean skincare, preventative botox, to apps that smooth your skin – youth is one of the most competitive aspects of beauty today.
Globally, young people in today are being shown this ideal ever second through their phones and computers – through influencers, celebrities and models – that are sending the message through social currency that this is the ideal that should be achieved.

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Is the enhanced reality of photoshop any different from a robot that has the perfect facial symmetry and a venture funded marketing team that know the exact algorithms to mesmerize us?

I personally feel so many mixed emotions around this topic – from awe to anger and back to awe.  I admit that I am more than a little obsessed with Shudu Gram and the amazing artistry behind her from her creator – fashion photographer  Clearly a human has produced this stunning work, and I do see the creativity and painstaking hard work that went into creating this beautiful computer generated avatar.

However, I hope that there is a space where we humans still belong with our imperfections, quirk, and soul.  These AI models also have no true thoughts of their own, so they truly can be molded in a very ‘Big Brother’ type of way as weapons of illusion to potentially control the masses.  Who knows what companies or government organizations might do to use these beautiful illusions as vehicles for controlling us or for a hidden political agenda.

What do you think about the potential for robots to to seamlessly blend into our society as celebrities and influencers?

PS – This editorial was shot in one of my favorite secret beach locations in Half Moon Bay.  Shooting in nature always makes me feel connected to the power of nature and my humanity more than anything.  I’m wearing one of my favorite vintage blazers belted over a silky satin cream dress and my new favorite Santina Bucket Bag by Meli Melo!



    1. I know Alina!!! Your work is so artful and stunning and I love the soul and energy you put into it!!! Your images and personality bring me joy everyday!!! Lots of love to you and thank you for reading!!




  1. I feel like we should take some inspiration out of it, although it’s kind of frustrating being a human and struggling to get my content out there and to get such amazing opportunities.

    I think that it being so “new” is what catches people’s eyes and maybe, in the future, it will die down. But they are basically like sims with an Instagram account, which blows my mind.

    Loved this post, super interesting and the pictures were amazing as per usual!

    All the love, Agustina

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your super positive response and I love how you see the glass half full! I think the still come from human beings creating, so its still an example of the human spirit!

      Thanks for your input Agustina!!


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